The Energy Recovery System - Get your Life back

The Infinity Way Program

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Get a hold of your Health, your Energy and your Immune System.

Stop living in fear and fatigue once and for all!

The Infinity Way Program

  • Recover from burnout and exhaustion.
  • Learn to decrease anxiety and manage stress.
  • Sleep like a baby again and wake up renewed!
  • Increase productivity at the office AND at home.
  • Find and correct the root cause with functional lab testing. 
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Guided Path to Health

Lifetime access to our easy to follow Online Program designed to turn your health around in under 90 days.  It guides you through a clear path to Energy Recovery in 9 easy self-paced Modules that include everything you need to heal! 

Live Coaching

Personalized one on one health coaching with Dr. Wards to customize your program to your bio-chemistry and life.  LIVE Q & A calls with Dr. Wards.  Invitation into to our private online community providing access to recipes, other health tips, and replays of our group Video Chat sessions.

Data Driven Results

Labs include - A Personal Functional Blood Chemistry Test & Analysis by Dr. Wards.  Nutri-Genetic Testing (including all 12 MTHFR genes), GI MAP- Stool Testing, Salivary Hormone Testing, Adrenal Stress/Cortisol Testing, Brain Chemical/ Neurotransmitter Testing, Heavy Metal and Mycotoxin Testing and more.


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The Energy Recovery System: Discover the 3-step system busy women are using to reverse chronic fatigue without the use of medications.


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