The Energy Recovery System - Get your Life back

The Energy Recovery System

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12 Weeks to Wellness

A Holistic Approach: 

Over the next 12 weeks we will address and heal every organ system in the body. 

Month 1 –Restore:   Restore your Immune Function, Energy, and Brain/Focus

Month 2 - Rebuild:   Rebuild the endocrine and hormonal system, pH balance and Gut.

Month 3 – Remove:  We will Remove Toxins and Eradicate Infections.  Then teach you how maintain this level of wellness. 

How Does It Work?

  • This is an easy to follow Online Program designed to turn your health around in under 90 days that is tailored to your health needs.
  • Following a Custom Blood Chemistry workup with our partners at LabCorp, Dr. Wards will provide a Comprehensive Blood Chemistry Analysis and 1 bonus lab test tailored to you.
  • Based on the analysis and your body's chemistry, Dr. Wards will then recommend a
    protocol of nutritional supplements. Don't worry, these are all included as part of your program. Even your shipping is free.
  • Dr. Wards will host a live weekly Faster Results Session. We answer all questions and connect steps to ensure success. These will be posted in our private online community with people who want you to succeed.
  • Every month Dr. Wards will meet with you one-on-one to customize your course of care throughout the program.
  • We've done all the heavy lifting and complicated work. In less than 20 minutes a day, a few days a week, turn-back the clock of aging, handle the stress of life, and heal your body and feel young again!

Who is This For?

  • Women with Fatigue symptoms that disrupt your life 2 or more times per week.
  • Busy professional women that give all day long.
  • Someone who has tried diet, exercise, the latest supplement to no avail.
  • Women who want a natural approach that will eliminate your chronic fatigue, once and for good.
  • Someone at a “10” with wanting to figure this out and stop doing what's clearly not working.

What Do I Get?

EVERYTHING you need to take charge of your healing.

  • A 3-month program of personalized Wellness Coaching with Dr. Tenesha Wards.
  • Lifetime access to our Online Training Program which guides you through a clear path to Fatigue Recovery in 9 easy self-paced Modules (with 4-5 trainings in each) designed to be completed in 12 weeks. The modules include everything you need.
  • All the nutritional supplements needed to achieve your All-Day Energy 
  • 1 Complete Blood Chemistry Laboratory through LabCorp including Epstein-Barr Virus and Thyroid Autoimmune Antibodies (nationwide draw site locations available) 
  • Personal Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis by Dr. Wards Value
  • 1 Additional Laboratory test up to in Value. Options - Genetic Testing (including MTHFR genes), GI MAP/Stool Testing, Salivary Hormone Testing, Brain Chemistry Testing, Heavy Metal or Mycotoxin Testing. Dr. Wards will determine which test is needed based on your history. 
  • Three Personal 1 on 1 sessions with Dr. Wards. 
  • Weekly Digital Check-in of symptom improvements with Dr. Wards for duration of program. 
  • A free gift of 6 weeks of supplements geared toward whatever issues come up in the 1 on 1 Functional Blood Chemistry Review. 
  • Lifetime Invitation to my herbal pharmacy where you can shop the highest quality supplements in the world that are only made available to practitioners.
  • Invitation into to our private Facebook Group. It includes Answers to Frequently, LIVE Q & As with Dr. Wards, access to recipes, other health tips, and replays of our group Zoom chat sessions for duration or program.
  • Access to weekly group Video chat sessions.
  • Additional lab testing available at discounted prices. (Genetics, Stool, Hormones, Neuro-chemicals, etc.)
  • Direct Access to Dr. Wards for future health concerns.


Results Guaranteed

We're confident that you will get results if you do the work, make the changes and put you first!  My promise is that if you show up and do the work to heal yourself, you will come out of this course with more Energy than you've had in years. 




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